Holiday Giveaway!

I’m giving away two copies of John Bogle’s – The Little Book of Common Sense Investing just in time for the holidays! These two new copies are the 10th anniversary editions. Perfect to keep one for yourself and surprise another friend or loved one with this wonderful stocking stuffer.

I will select one of my followers or subscribers on Wednesday December 18th as the lucky winner. If you’re interested in participating in the giveaway, simply subscribe or follow Prepare2FIRE. You can do this either through email, Facebook, or on Twitter @Prep2FIRE by Tuesday December 17th.   

I’ll announce the winner of the giveaway on Wednesday the 18th which should give me the opportunity to mail the two books in time for the holidays!

Legendary for the novice or expert

This book is legendary among the investment community. At only 270 pages, the book is a quick and easy read. Its straight forward approach makes the aurgument for simplifying your investing philosophy. Chapter after chapter, Mr. Bogle builds his case that trying to beat the market is foolish and that a simple index portfolio will better serve you over the long run. Whether you’re new to investing and need some excellent guidance on how to get started or old hat looking for a refresher, this book will not disappoint.

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Again, to be included in the giveaway of the two copies of John Bogle’s – The Little Book of Common Sense Investing you must be a subscriber or follower through email, Facebook, or on Twitter @Prep2FIRE.

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Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

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