Well…we did it

It’s been awhile since I last posted and a lot has happened. And for the good. Actually my whole world changed. However, change was not thrust upon us. That, I am thankful for. Rather we were able to make a decision according to our own timeline.

In the late fall, the realization that FIRE was right around the corner began to feel real. More and more thoughts were given to when it was the right time to step away from the job and begin to focus on other priorities. As year-end approached, the decision became clearer but not without some serious thinking about the unknown.

Many hours were spent reviewing the spreadsheets and models pieced together over time to get to this point. Were the calculations correct? Had I input wrong assumptions? Were any of the figures wrong? It was scary, but at the same time thrilling as we realized we were on target.

So….in early January, I pulled the trigger and met with my wonderful manager and let him know I intended to retire at the end of the month. It was a conversation I will never forget. He was incredibly supportive, asking lots of great questions about our plans and most importantly, he listened. After awhile, the conversation turned to succession planning and thinking about the future of the role and position I had occupied for many years. A plan was developed that included me staying on for three additional months to transition the role seamlessly.

While I had gone into the meeting that early afternoon with the thought that I would leave in a matter of weeks, the opportunity to stay until the beginning of May turned out to be a really nice transition. I was able to close out several of the projects which I had been involved. Other projects I continued to work on with my colleagues and slowly transition the remaining tasks. As new projects and tasks came in, it was gratifying to see my colleagues take them on and allow me to consult with them.

Rather than an abrupt several weeks, my manager allowed me to have a soft landing into my retirement while ensuring the transition was managed well.

It was a wonderful way to leave an organization that I had worked for for nearly 33 years. I am grateful my boss created the opportunity.

So, now…. I’m retired. The first several weeks felt like an extended vacation. The first couple of Sunday nights felt great as I realized Monday was all mine. I didn’t need to set the alarm to go to work. In fact I wasn’t even setting an alarm but still popping out of bed early with a mental list of projects I couldn’t wait to get working on at my own pace.

As for Mrs. P2F, she has decided to continue working for the near term. We’ll periodically revisit that decision and when it’s the right time, work through it.

I’ll write more in the future about the transition from full time work to retirement. For now, let’s leave it with it’s better than I ever imagined before walking into my manager’s office this past January!

How about you? Are you preparing to make the transition? Are you dreaming about what it will be like to give your notice? Be great to hear from you in the comments below.


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